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repository sync scripts updated - tests welcome

Sandro Santilli-3
It's been a fight, but it looks like I finally handled to obtain
scripts to recreate a git-svn setup with matching commit hashes
to the existing mirrors. I turned the repository containing the
scripts from private to public as I belive there are no sensitive
informations in it:

The complex scripting is needed because the mapping between SVN
usernames and GIT "User Name <[hidden email]>" changed during the lifetime
of the mirroring machinery I setup, and thus it takes tracking those
mapping changes *exactly* in order to obtain the same commit hashes.

So the script contains commented hard-coded ranges of revisions with
the information about which range needs which version of authors.git
file, and fetches revisions accordingly.

For the future, the synchronizer will keep tracking the authors.git
file from the `trunk` branch so please make sure whenever a new
SVN committer is granted access that some existing person commits
the updated authors.git *before* the new person making the first
commit, and check all mirrors for proper synchronization before moving
on (the mirroring is not immediate).

Note that although the main target for the script is setting up
the mirroring machinery, it can also be used to setup a local
git-svn setup to use for core development (but the current
documentation does not contain instruction about doing that).

Happy switching to git, shall you still be jumping back and forward !

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