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Miguel R. Luaces
>What is it these multipolygon???
>USA map ???

No, it is not.

It is the border of the province of A Coruña (Spain). We are evaluating
whether migrating a GIS to PostGIS is a good idea in terms of efficiency.
You can have a look at the current version of the GIS at [Be warned, propietary software, IE only]

We created a SQL script to insert the province boundaries into PostGIS and
it took that much time. On the other hand, inserting the boundaries of the
94 municipalities (94 geometries with 500000 vertices) took only 5 minutes.

Why does this happen? It seems that PostGIS has an efficiency problem with
very large geometries.

Best regards,

Dr. Miguel R. Luaces          [hidden email]
Enxenio SL          
Estrada dos Baños de Arteixo, Edif. San Cristovo, Portal B, 2º Esq.
15008 A Coruña (Spain)        Tlf./Fax.: 981 913 768

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