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Re: [UMN_MAPSERVER-USERS] FYI: Google to pay student open source developers (Summer of Code)

I'm cross posting this because it is an excellent opportunity for students.
I was a paid intern (studying pterodactyls), and my company employs paid
interns to perform well bounded summer projects.  The intern gains
invaluable industry experience and a semester's worth of tuition (or beer).
One more reason Google rocks:  Applying a proven industry technique in a
new and benevolent way for OSS.


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Google has announced (May 31) that it will provide a $4500 stipend to
student developers (& $500 to the mentoring organization) that complete
work on open source projects over the summer. Perhaps MapServer would want
to be a “mentoring organization”?

“Summer of Code” Program details:

“Mentoring Organization” FAQ:

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